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Prayer for Niece

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My niece Hannah is struggling with severe depression and lack of self confidence/self worth. She is a senior in high school about to graduate. She has not been making good decisions this year while battling the depression. Prayer for the dark cloud to lift, for healing, for good decision making for Hannah. Also prayers for my sister for how to best parent her during these challenges and stegth as she watches her daughter struggle.

Prayers needed.

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My grandson, Asher was born today.  He looks perfect in every way but he had fluid in his lungs.  He’s doing better but would so appreciate prayers.  Thank you.

Friend with cancer

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Please pray for my friend Alice who has been just diagnosed with cancer, she is a sweet lady and is needed by her husband, children and grandchildren.


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Please keep my daughter and her family in your prayers. They will be moving and need for God to prepare a home in a good safe and godly atmosphere for them. Please pray that God provides good people around them and a good church for them

Baby Peyton Prayers needed

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Please pray for a friend of our familys whos 18 mth old daughter was diagnoised with leukemia today. Please pray for Gods strength and healing over her, and the family.


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Please pray for my sister in law Pan Putnam.  She fell and severely broke her ankle early this morning.  She was transferred from UVMC to Miami Valley via life flight.  They need stabilize her vitals before they can do surgery.  She has several health issues one of which is congestive heart failure and recently was left with vision impairment due to a stroke.  My wife just gave me an update.  Pam has a very severe compound brake to her right ankle and the lower right leg bone.  It…

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Prayer needed

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I am suffering with tinnitus and it is over taking me. I am uncertain of the future and my joy is being robbed.  I pray for God to give me the strength to get habituated to this noise. I repeat to myself: God doesn’t give us anymore than what we can bear….......I am requesting prayers.


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Please pray for Trina. She had a mammogram and they found a mass. The biopsy is Friday. She is scared not only for herself but for her husband and 3 sons. She is trying to stay positive and her only request is to be covered in prayer. Thank you

Prayer for healing for Kim

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My friend Kim has just been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer.  Please pray for healing strength and peace. May God’s will be done in Jesus name…Amen

Life Journeys

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I am looking for a job that involves doing what I love doing, which is working on or with computers. I have a Multimedia Certification and Associate of Applied Business Degree in Computer Information Technology/Computer Games and Simulation Programming and Design. The two jobs that I have now have nothing to do with these degrees. I’ve been filling out applications, submitting my resume, following up with some companies, and even getting interviews. But no luck getting hired. I…

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