Please Pray Justice Prevails And I Find A Better Peaceful Home To Live In San Francisco,CA

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I have been living with my landlady for almost 6 years, she is a very difficult person and hoarding a lot of junk that is never used she recently denied that I keep using the common open storage area next the laundry room because much more stuff was brought into the house and she often puts the blame on me to pay for plumbing and high water bill that it was a leak and all her responsibility and after the last crisis because of bedbugs that I paid her $5,000.00 for the pest control company of her choice she started the process to evict me, please pray for me that Justice Prevails in this wrongful eviction and I find soon a much better peaceful home to live here in San Francisco, California.

Thank you for praying for this miracle in my life,

Francisco Romano

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