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I am looking for a job that involves doing what I love doing, which is working on or with computers. I have a Multimedia Certification and Associate of Applied Business Degree in Computer Information Technology/Computer Games and Simulation Programming and Design. The two jobs that I have now have nothing to do with these degrees. I’ve been filling out applications, submitting my resume, following up with some companies, and even getting interviews. But no luck getting hired. I have the education, experience, knowledge, and skills to perform Information Technology work, but I have no work experience with it. The two jobs I have now are blessings, but I want something that involves what I love, which is working behind a computer.

For one of my jobs, I have to work overtime on Labor Day week due to the company falling behind schedule. I only have to go in an hour earlier that week, but I’m still used to the typical work schedule.

I have some mouth ulcers that I would like healed.

I would like prayer for an aunt of mine that I work with. She is an unhappy person for some reason and mistreats people because of it, including me. I would like to see her heart soften up.

If you would like to know my name, message me privately please. God bless!

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