Prayer needed

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I am suffering with tinnitus and it is over taking me. I am uncertain of the future and my joy is being robbed.  I pray for God to give me the strength to get habituated to this noise. I repeat to myself: God doesn’t give us anymore than what we can bear….......I am requesting prayers.


Marcia.Florkey on said:

We are certainly in prayer for you that your tinnitus will be managed and that your joy will be returned.  “Dear God, we just ask that you be with Anita right now.  Please bring to her the joy and the peace that is needed to overcome the effects of tinnitus and that you will give her a calmness that passes all understanding.  Grant her the ability to focus on your healing power and all the wonderful gifts and talents that she possesses so that her life can be complete and whole.  In the name of Jesus, the great healer, Amen.