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Please keep my daughter and her family in your prayers. They will be moving and need for God to prepare a home in a good safe and godly atmosphere for them. Please pray that God provides good people around them and a good church for them


Marcia.Florkey on said:

Thank you for your prayer request, we will share it with our pastors, care pastors and prayer warriors and pray for your daughter and family as they move. 
“God, we ask in the name of Jesus, our hope and provider to be with this daughter and her family as they move to a new community.  May YOU go ahead of them and prepare the place and home for them that is safe and where you can surround them with your peace, presence and love.  May they be surrounded with good people who will be a positive influence, so that Godly friendships will be developed and will grow.  Also lead them to a church where your Holy Spirit is present and they can grow in faith and fellowship.  Please surround them all with your Grace, Peace and Love.  In the name of Jesus, Amen”


beatysl on said:

Asking for prayers for the doctors,nurses for Baby Bonnie, born today and being flown to Children’s.  Please pray for the parents Branden and Charity. Plus brother Malaki..thank you for your prayers….


Marcia.Florkey on said:

We will share your request with our pastors, care team and prayer warriors:
“God, first of all we thank you for baby Bonnie, and how her birth is truly a miracle from you.  We ask now in the name of Jesus, our hope and healer to be with Baby Bonnie as she goes to Children’s Hospital.  God you know this baby and her need to be fully healed. You also know the needs of the parents, Branden and Charity, brother Malaki and their grandparents, so please surround them with your love and care as well.  Also be with the Doctors and Nurses who care for Baby Bonnie, that they may be filled with wisdom and love. Please surround them all with your Grace.  In the name of Jesus, Amen”