Prayers needed.

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My grandson, Asher was born today.  He looks perfect in every way but he had fluid in his lungs.  He’s doing better but would so appreciate prayers.  Thank you.


Marcia.Florkey on said:

Thank you for your prayer request, we will share it with our pastors, care pastors and prayer warriors and pray for baby Asher.

“God, first of all we thank you for baby Asher, how he is so perfect in so many ways.  We ask now in the name of Jesus, our hope and healer to be with Baby Asher.  God you know this baby and his need to be fully healed from the fluid in his lungs. You also know the needs of the parents and grandparents, so please surround them with your love and care as well.  Also be with the Doctors and Nurses who care for Baby Asher, that they may be filled with wisdom and love. Please surround them all with your Grace.  In the name of Jesus, Amen”


tamhag on said:

He is doing much better.  We are so blessed!  God is good!  Thank you for your prayers.


tamhag on said:

Please continue with your prayers.  He’s still struggling with something and has to stay in the hospital a few more days.  Thank you.


Marcia.Florkey on said:

We will certainly continue to keep him in prayer - let us know how he is doing.

God’s Love and Blessings be with you all.


tamhag on said:

Asher is home with his family and doing well!!


Marcia.Florkey on said:

Thanks be to God!! Thank you for letting us know, it is so good to hear about answered prayer.  We will continue to remember Asher in prayer to grow and stay healthy.  Blessings on you and your family.


beatysl on said:

Prayer request for the Branden Sphar family…his daughter Bonnie passed yesterday. Born on May 13,2017 and passing on May 13, 2017…prayers for peace and understanding that only God can give through his Son Jesus. To God be given the glory. ..


Marcia.Florkey on said:

We will continue to lift up the Branden Sphar family in prayer, 
“Dear God, please be with the family of Branden Sphar, we mourn with them and ask You, dear God and healer to be with them throughout this time and for the months and years ahead as they remember their daughter.  Pour your love on them and allow blessings to come out of their grief.  Amen.