Prayer for Niece

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My niece Hannah is struggling with severe depression and lack of self confidence/self worth. She is a senior in high school about to graduate. She has not been making good decisions this year while battling the depression. Prayer for the dark cloud to lift, for healing, for good decision making for Hannah. Also prayers for my sister for how to best parent her during these challenges and stegth as she watches her daughter struggle.


Marcia.Florkey on said:

Thank you for your prayer request, we will share it with our pastors, care pastors and prayer warriors and pray for your niece and her family.
“God, we ask in the name of Jesus, our hope and provider to be with Hannah and her mother as she struggles with depression and issues of self confidence and worth.  Lord God, would you be with Hannah and surround her with your peace, presence and love.  God would you also surrounded Hannah and her mother with good and Godly people who will be a positive influence, so that healthy friendships will be develop and will grow.  Please surround them both with your Grace, Peace and Love.  In the name of Jesus, Amen”