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I am not part of your church but I need help. I am not asking for money or a handout but I just need a place to move to. I am living in a house with no electricy because of faulty wiring. It has caused 3 fires around the outlets and now we only had 3 outlets that are working. I had no heat last winter because of my furnace going out and we had to use propane. They roof leaks and the plumbing is shot. This was a rent to own house in which I only owe 6000 more on it but I do not have that kind of money. My husband, whom I had been married to for 25 years and have 6 kids with, left me for another woman in which they moved into a nice place. I have tried for months to find a place for me and my 3 kids., 1 adult and 2 minors, to move to and cant find anyplace. Everything is a scam or it is too much or my credit was not good enough. I work two full time jobs and I can afford up to 900 a month if need be. I would have rent and deposit ready. All I need is someone trust worthy to rent me a house. I am a decent person and so are my kids. I cry all the time over my situation and even though I dont go to church I talk to God all day. I just dont know what else to do. All I need is someone who will give me a chance to get back on my feet. i will pay my bills ontime and keep the place #### and span. We are a drug free /drama free family and my kids deserve so much more. I will even clean or try to do the repairs such as painting if needed. Thank you.

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