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I need help getting started

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I need prayer for the start of my new distributor job with It Works Global. It is a home based business. I started it for extra income. My prayer is the God brings other people into my business so that myself and others that struggle can finally be comfortable. God I pray you watch over me and my business and give me the power and will to make it grow, I promise I will take others with me for success, If it is your will…. In Gods name I pray Amen

Need job

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Still seeking and need God’s guidance in finding a FT permanent job with insurance. New issue with health and very scared. Many struggles right now and it’s so very hard. Thanks for your prayers! Praise God!

Prayer - Afraid of losing eye sight

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After having vision issues I attributed to “eye strain”, I was diagnosed with a vision disease. The optometrist was vague and after researching it that night at home, it appears to be slowly progressive and leads to blindness! I am absolutely TERRIFIED and can’t even process this! I’m seeking a 2nd opinion and calling for an appt. I’m praying this diagnosis is wrong. If not, I’m praying for healing and protection of my eye sight. I am a nervous wreck! Please pray for me!! Thank you…

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Prayers for my sanity

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I am a small business owner who struggles. The stress of this dream beats me down and keeps me in a constant state of anxiety. This business is not only a long time dream but also my sole source of income for myself and my son. Requesting prayers for a little less stress and a little more success and happiness.

Loss of a Young Life

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A dear friend of mine, Juddie Thompson, took his own life on Monday evening. He was actively involved in many Miami County 4H Clubs among his local church youth group. Please pray for Juddie, his family, his friends, and all those that are heartbroken by this news.

Prayers for an innocent loved one

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The love of my life is going to trial on Monday for a crime he did not do. His lawyer has very poorly represented him in the past, but we cannot afford to pay a new lawyer. Please pray that the jury sees the truth. He was convicted of a related crime he did not commit and we are still praying for the sentence to be appealed. Please pray for God to work miracles and set him free.

Friend’s son mystery illness

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Our friends have requested prayer for their son, Tim Oren, who has been very ill for 6 mos. and at times unable to work.  He has had many tests, but unable to determine a diagnosis. He no longer has any sick days for work and can’t get short-term disability until he has a diagnosis. His parents, Jim and Juanita, are frantic to get some answers to this mysterious illness.

Troubled Relationship

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For the past 21 years, my relationship with my parents has been very stressful and unpleasant. They are meeting with my therapist this week, and I’m asking for prayers that this meeting will set us on the right path to fixing our relationship.

Michael My Son

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Please pray for us my 26 year old son passed away a week ago last Tuesday
This unbarable pain is to much for me, I have no words just sadness…

Faith Can Move Mountains!

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In January I was taken off work for an injury.  I have yet to be released to return to work and then il ills have not stopped steadily flowing in.  I was informed today that even with no income I have been denied mortgage forbearance.  We have little options left.  Everything is behind including my 6 year old son’s medical insurance. 

Please pray for us that God will give me guidance and open doors for my son and me that will overcome this hardship.  Please pray that he will give…

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