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Prayers for a college student

Posted by Anonymous on

I am a college student, and at a complete loss of what to do with my life. The blues are kicken in, not sure if this will work, but pray anyway that God shows me where to go from here… and hopefully soon enough.


Posted by Shelley on

After a recent break up (12 years together) I am having a hard time coping.  Can you please pray that God will lift the overwelming sadness from heart and help back to performing everyday tasks?

Friend with Cancer

Posted by Happy Greeter Pam on

Please keep Mike Martin and his family in your prayers.  He just recently found out he has a blood cancer and it has spread to his jawbones so far.  He is in Indiana University Hospital and will be undergoing stem cell transplant and intensive chemotherapy.

FInances,Depression,and faith

Posted by Adam on

I could use prayer I’m overburdened with debt, and can’t afford to live month to month even with working two jobs and cutting costs of living to a minimum. I am struggling with depression and to take proper care of myself and my faith is hurting and weak and my resolve towards life is weakening daily

Inaugural Prayer

Posted by Administrator on

I ask that the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and their families are lifted up in your prayers today. I would also ask that you pray for God’s will to be heard and heeded by all the visitor’s of today’s Light the Fire conference.