CTW Conference Breakout Requirements

Complete this form by Friday, April 1 to indicate your equipment and furnishing needs for CHANGE the WORLD breakout sessions. Specific rooms will be assigned after all forms are received.

This form is also where you indicate if you will need a projector for a PowerPoint presentation. Templates for creating those presentation slides will be stored at Shared\Conferences\2016\PowerPoint Templates & Fonts as of Wednesday, March 30. Your completed PowerPoint presentations must be turned in for cleanup and video insertion as of Friday, April 8. Store those at Shared\Conferences\2016\PowerPoints for ReviewNOTE: A PowerPoint is NOT a requirement. It is poor practice to have presentation slides that hold text notes that are better addressed via handouts. Projected presentations are best used for photos, video clips, quotes or samples.

On this form you will also provide a brief, approximately 3-sentence description of your breakout to go in the conference manual. You can review the one-liner that described your breakout in the marketing material here. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Breakouts are to focus on what any church can do regardless of size - not the "awe & wonder" of a what a Ginghamsburg-sized church can do.

All handout content will be due to by Wednesday, April 6. Store handout content at Shared\Conferences\2016\Handout Content, and alert [email protected] that it is ready. No communication requests are required for conference handouts. The data team will format on templates. Do NOT pre-format the content. Plain paragraphs of text will make it easier for final formatting.

You will receive Outlook Calendar invites to ensure these deadlines are on your calendar.