Real Love Retreat - Navigating Relationships & Sex

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The RealLove18 Retreat led by Stuart Hall will focus on three areas: priorities in relationships, healthy dating (dating for marriage) and compromises and guardrails like lusting, pornography and social media. The day will include worship, main sessions and breakout groups by grade and gender.

Stuart partners with great organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to develop students as leaders; he travels and speaks to thousands of students, leaders, coaches and parents each year. Hall deeply desires to develop spiritually influential students that engage culture. 

The Retreat will begin at 1:30pm for students with main session 1 & 2 and breakouts. Parents are invited to be a part of the retreat at 5pm for a Parent Gathering with Stuart Hall while the students are in the breakout sessions.

Dinner will be served at 6pm for parents and students. At 7pm, main session 3 will begin for parents and students. At 7:45pm, the students will head to breakouts and the parents will have a Q&A time. At 8:40pm - we will have a commitment ceremony.

Questions? Contact Ryan Manger at [email protected].

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