A Call to United Methodists...

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The following will be available for view or download until November 1, 2014.

Plenary 1: Lynne Hybels - Importance for Hearing & Responding to the Realities of Palestinian Christians in Israel/Palestine

Plenary 2: Zoughbi Zoughbi, Wisam Salsaa, Grace al-Zoughbi - Voices from the Palestinian Christian Community

Plenary 3: Barbara Boigegrain, Susan Henry Crowe, Thomas Kemper & Bruce Robbins -UMC Positions: agency perspectives & actions

Plenary 4: Alex Awad - A Biblical Call to Action

Plenary 5: Nora Carmi-Ecumenical Palestinian Call to Action
NOTE: Nora Carmi is AUDIO ONLy. Due to a techical lapse, there is no video of this plenary. 

Plenary 6: Mike Slaughter - A Vision for Change

Rev. Alex Awad Powerpoint Presentation

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Walking with Palestinian Christians for Holy Justice & Peace

United Methodist and Palestinian Christian leaders gathered on Thursday and Friday, August 7-8, 2014 for Walking with Palestinian Christians...for holy justice and peace, co-sponsored by the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries and Ginghamsburg Church.

Through prayer, fellowship and study, we as United Methodists in partnership with Palestinian Christians sought to put God’s call to love all our neighbors into action for justice & peace.

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” Matthew 5:9