Change the World Breakout Handouts

Download Word files for note-taking purposes for applicable breakout sessions:

Thursday, 11am-12:30pm

Building & Sustaining Momentum for Life: note-taking pages provided on p. 24 of conference manual

  • Jumpstarting Mission & Ministry in the Rural Church:  
  • The Bottom Line: no note-taking page
  • Fanning the Fire - burning bush passion in unpaid servants:
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors (PDF only): 
  • Kids on Mission: 
  • 3 Questions Your Visitors are Thinking But Won't Ask:  no note-taking page
  • The HeART of Leading Worship: 


Thursday, 3:30-5pm

  • Strategic Planning & Leadership: note-taking pages provided on p. 28 of conference manual
  • Leadership for Church Planting: 
  • Mission that Helps, Not Hurts: 
  • The Church as Leader in the Human Services Community: 
  • Clubhouse - equipping student leaders:  
  • Finding the Balance - middle school ministry: 
  • Church Communications-building momentum without breaking the bank:  
  • Creative Worship Team Symergy:  no note-taking page


Friday, 10-11:30am

  • Q&A with Diana Butler Bass: note-taking pages provided on p. 30 of conference manual
  • Practical Leadership for Life Groups: 
  • Loving Your Neighbors - as a campus church: 
  • More Than a Slideshow: 
  • Vanishing Act - 18-35 year olds:  no note-taking page
  • Now or Never - high school ministry:  no note-taking page
  • Divine Design- redesiging churches for connection & community: 
  • 20 Ways to use Media in Worship: no note-taking page


Friday, 2:30-4pm

  • "Questioning" with Rachel:  note-taking pages provided on p. 32 of conference manual
  • Organizational Leadership: no note-taking page
  • Use What's Iin Your Hand - asset-based community development: no note-taking page
  • Empowering People, Not Poverty (pdf only): 
  • Growing Up Missionaries: no note-taking page
  • Leading from the Sound Board:  no note-taking page
  • Media for the Mission: no note-taking page