Simple Org: right-sizing structures for movements that soar

Track 2 

Your choices include...

Missional Budgeting (Thursday, 11am)
Finance & Stewardship Ministry
Making sure mission drives the money, not the other way around

Servant Power (Thursday, 11am)
Family Ministry
Don’t hire – inspire - building passionate servant teams that fuel your ministry (and who said men won’t serve in Children’s Ministry?)

Quick Hit Ways to Free Up Money for the Mission  (Friday, 10am)
Finance & Stewardship Ministry
Share & hear ideas at this rapid-fire breakout for downsizing costs in order to grow mission investment 

Dollars and Sense (Thursday, 3:30pm)
Rosario Picardo - New Church Development
Practical practices for doing ministry with only five loaves and two fish

Staff: Who Needs ‘Em?  (Friday, 10am)
Rachel Billups & Women's Ministry Servant Team
A practical case study on how an all unpaid servant team makes it happen

The Hidden Costs of Worship Technology (Friday, 10am)
Media & Tech Ministry
Worship technology is powerful – and the gift that keeps on “taking.” Explore how to handle & avoid those hidden irritations.

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