Design On A Dime: a mud 'n spit theology for media, marketing and environments

Track 3 

Your choices include...

REdesigning Churches (Thursday, 10am)
Kim Miller - Campus Design Ministry
Creating spaces for connection and community (beauty on a budget).

It's All About the Story, Saints! (Thursday, 10am)
Media & Tech Ministry
Smart phones make media easy. BUT – the story is king. Become a great story-teller regardless of technology

Revitalizing Worship Through Creativity for Small & Medium Size Churches (Thursday, 3:30pm)
Jason Moore, Midnight Oil Productions
Four achievable ways for revitalizing worship that drives discipleship & mission - from consultant, author & media practitioner Jason Moore

Marketing & Communications on the Cheap (Thursday, 3:30pm)
Communications Ministry
Effective church communication doesn't have to be expensive. Learn how to harness low to no cost strategies, media and messages that will inform, involve and inspire your congregation - as well as invite the surrounding community to explore God's movement through your church.

Graphic Design on a Dime (Friday, 10am)
Communications Ministry
Explore free resources and what may already be in your hand to maximize communication materials & branding

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