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Church Communications - building momentum without breaking the bank (Thursday, 3:30pm)
Ginghamsburg Communications Team
Effective church communication doesn't have to be expensive. Learn how to develop practical, "low to no cost" strategies, media and messages that will inform, involve and inspire your congregation - as well as invite the surrounding community to explore God's movement through your church.

Creative Worship Team Synergy (Thursday, 3:30pm)
Ginghamsburg Worship Design Team
Assembling a group of passionate worship planners for a regularly scheduled meeting is relatively easy; getting those people to function as one and achieve great worship is much more difficult. Join the experienced Ginghamsburg worship design team for an interactive discussion about making weekly worship happen with excellence.

Divine Design: redesigning churches for connection and community (Friday, 10am)
Kim Miller
Churches seeking to be a contagious community presence require the physical environments to match their message – that people matter to God. From the children’s places to your worship spaces, discover renewed inspiration for creating engaging environments that foster connection and community. All ideas are fully customizable for your own missional setting.

5 Questions Your Visitors are Thinking But Won't Ask (Thursday, 11am)
Jason Moore, Midnight Oil Productions and Worship Consultant
Church visitors experience worship in ways that are vastly differently than regular attendees. Learn from worship consultant Jason Moore the top 5 questions on the minds of your visitors and how to address them in this interactive discussion.

The HeART of Leading Worship (Thursday, 11am)
James Keith Posey
God calls us to worship in spirit and in truth. Join Ginghamsburg’s worship pastor in this practical look at the responsibilities and opportunities you have to lead others in worship.  Whether you are in a small, large, traditional or contemporary church, this workshop will help you discern and create a worship flow that will speak to the heart.

Leading from the Sound Board (Friday, 2:30pm)
Chris Benge
Worship happens best when synergistic partnerships are created among the sound crew, pastors and worship team. Get helpful tips and ideas for deliberately developing those relationships for maximum success.

Media for the Mission (Friday, 2:30pm)
Dan Bracken
Ready to use video and graphics more powerfully to capture, share and grow the stories of the missional church? Hang out with “Dan, the media man” and team for great “how to’s” and ideas ranging from concept to creation to completion.

20 Ways to Use Media in Worship (Friday, 10am)
Jason Moore, Midnight Oil Productions and Worship Consultant
Explore 10 common ways to use media in worship, and evaluate next level ideas for improving them. Next, look at 10 advanced ways of deploying worship media for creative communication.

Songwriting for Your Local Congregation – special evening edition (Thursday, 6:30pm)
James Keith Posey
Join songwriter and arranger James Keith Posey in this evening event and learn the tools of developing songs for your church that are worth remembering. You will also have the opportunity to get feedback on your own original music. Bring your instrument and music for this fun and insightful night together. (Thursday evening only)

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