Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is a founder and board member of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped birth and connect radical faith communities around the world. Shane writes and travels extensively speaking about peacemaking, social justice and Jesus. He has served with both Mother Teresa and Willow Creek. As a peacemaker, Shane's journeys have taken him to some of the most troubled regions of the world – from Rwanda to the West Bank – and he’s been on peace delegations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shane’s books include Jesus for President; Red Letter Revolution; Common Prayer; Follow Me to Freedom; Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream; Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers – and his classic The Irresistible Revolution. He has been featured in a number of films including Another World Is Possible and Ordinary Radicals. Shane’s work has appeared in Esquire, SPIN, Christianity Today and The Wall Street Journal, and he has appeared on everything from Fox News and Al Jazeera to CNN and NPR. 

Jorge Acevedo

Jorge Acevedo is lead pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site, United Methodist congregation in Southwest Florida (Cape Coral, Fort Myers Shores and North Fort Myers). Grace has grown in its weekend attendance from 400 to over 2600 in the past fifteen years and is recognized as having one of the largest and most effective recovery ministries in America with over 700 people involved in weekly recovery ministries. In 2003, Grace Church planted a second campus in East Lee County by adopting a declining United Methodist Church. Today this campus has more than 375 people in attendance. In 2007, Grace Church purchased a former grocery store and opened the Grace Community Center, a holistic ministry center and home to the third worshipping community of Grace Church in November 2008. Jorge is the author of Vital: Churches Changing Communities and the World (Abingdon Press, 2013) and co-author of The Heart of Youth Ministry (Bristol Books, 1989) and Sent: Delivering the Gift of Hope at Christmas (Abingdon Press, 2015).

Dr. J. Kabamba Kiboko

Preacher, scholar and author Dr. J. Kabamba Kiboko was the first clergywoman to be ordained elder in the Southern Congo Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church. She has cross-cultural educational and pastoral experiences in both the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in the United States. Currently Dr. Kiboko, who holds a Ph.D in biblical interpretation (Old Testament), serves as lead pastor of Forest Chapel United Methodist Church. She is author of “A Tapestry in the Disanga: Building Beloved Community from a Congolese Perspective” in A New Dawn in Beloved Community: Stories with the Power to Transform Us (Abington, 2013), co-author of Women Called to Ministry: A Six-Session Study for the United Methodist Church (United Methodist Church, 2007) and author of "Sharing Power: An Autobiographical View" in Theologies of African Women (Cluster, 2001).

Mike Slaughter

Mike Slaughter is the three-decade plus dreamer of Ginghamsburg and the spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace innovations. His life-long passion to reach the lost and set the oppressed free has made him a tireless and leading advocate for the children, women and men of Darfur, Sudan, named by the U.N. as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Mike’s call to afflict the comfortable challenges Christians to wrestle with God and their God-destinies. His books, Change the World - recovering the message and mission of Jesus (Abingdon Press, 2010) and Christmas is Not Your Birthday (Abingdon Press, 2012) embody what it means to take the church into the world rather than simply coaxing the world into the church. His newest book, The Christian Wallet: Spending, Giving, and Living with a Conscience (Westminster John Know Press), was released in January 2016.