How We Do Coffee

Through our partnership with our roaster, Boston Stoker, we at Common Grounds strive to provide our customers with sustainably raised, fair trade, organic coffee and snacks that are both good for you and good for the rest of the world too! After all, what’s the point of being a non-profit if your purchases are actually causing child labor and endangering the planet?

So how is our coffee different? The folks at Boston Stoker have made an effort to do something called Direct Trade. They travel to the different farms where they purchase their top-notch coffee and meet face to face with the farmers to strike up a contract that’s fair to the growers and therefore better for everyone involved. This means the families growing the coffee make more money, since a third party distributor is cut out of the equation, and we get to see exactly how the coffee we drink is being grown and handled. Through this process, they are ensuring that the coffees they buy are coming from farms that are using sustainable growing practices and organic farming and treating their coffee beans in a way that will make them taste the absolute best!

But we don’t just provide coffee that’s good for the world (and your belly); we serve it up in earth-friendly cups, lids and sleeves. We also keep an eye on our other ingredients to be sure they’re not laden with too many unnecessary chemicals and additives. If you have food sensitivities, we cater to that too. We have soy, almond and coconut milk in addition to regular. Sugar-free and gluten-free syrups are available; just be sure to ask for them at the register.

So next time you purchase a cup of joe, consider what that purchase is supporting. Please drink responsibly.

To learn more about Boston Stoker, direct trade and how coffee is grown, visit