Caring for Our Kids

Ginghamsburg Kids is a specially designed place for children age 6 weeks - grade 5 to grow in their relationship with Jesus during all weekend worship celebrations. Kids are met right where they are through powerful worship, engaging teaching and relationship-building moments. So parents and kids, we invite you to join us on this life-long adventure and discover what God has in store for your journey today!

We use the Orange strategy to grow champions for Christ. Orange is a nationally-known and widely-praised curriculum. (Visit It is family-friendly and family-focused to drive home key lessons from God’s word through fun and adventure and equips parents to be their children’s primary faith builder all week long.

  • Parent Cue Cards: Each month, infants and toddlers, and each weekend children age 2 to grade 5 receive a special Parent Cue Card for the entire family to enjoy at home. It helps kids learn more about weekly lessons. Print the most recent cue card for your child just below.
    • Infants and Toddlers Parent Cue. Click on the icon to print: July Parent Cue for Infants/Toddlers
    • Age 2-5 Parent Cue. Click on the icon to print: Week 1 Cue Card for Age 2 to 5
    • Grade K-5 Parent Cue. Click on icon to print: July Parent Cue Card Grade K-5
  • God Time Take Home Sheets: Each week, children in grade K-5 receive a God Time Take Home Sheet that gives kids four days of devotionals that extend the message all week through scripture memorization, family activities, challenges and more. Print the most recent God Time Take Home Sheet for your child just below.
    • Grade K-1 God Time Sheet. Click on icon to print: God Time Take Home Sheet for Grades K-1
    • Grade 2-3 God Time Sheet. Click on icon to print: God Time Take Home Sheet for Grades 2-3
    • Grade 4-5 God Time Sheet. Click on icon to print: God Time Take Home Sheet for Grades 4-5
  • Blitz: These events are for kids in grade 3-5 from 6:30-9pm in the Tipp City Campus Avenue. Kids play inside on giant inflatables, dance, play basketball and hang out with friends in a safe, chaperoned space. Cost is $5. This event occurs every third Friday of the month.
  • FX: Family Worship Experience: This unique, shared celebration opens the door for families to worship together and experience what children are learning through our Ginghamsburg Kids Ministry.
  • Club Orange: The fun continues every Wednesday at CLUB ORANGE for all ages from 6:30-8pm at the Tipp City Campus. Club Orange provides a club feel and big fun with an emphasis on scripture memorization through action-packed games and accountability steps at home. Better yet, Wednesday reinforces the weekend themes, lending focus to “God time” with your kids at home.
  • Serve with Ginghamsburg Kids: Our Ginghamsburg Kids staff and servant team can’t wait to partner with you, and show off our newly redesigned spaces. Parents are welcome to step up in faith to help mentor our littlest ones for Christ. To get involved, email [email protected].

DID YOU KNOW? We want to do everything we can to keep kids safe. Our team has developed a Children's Ministry Guidebook that includes all of our policies and procedures we follow in our ministry. To view that resource, click here