Next Step Recovery

Worship for Those on the Road to Recovery
Saturday @ 6:30pm, Tipp City Campus Worship Center

Next Step Recovery is a time to rejoice in recovery from substance abuse and destructive behaviors while receiving support and finding connection. Through our Next Step Recovery community, we strengthen our faith on the recovery journey. If you are recovering from addiction, join us Saturday night at 6:30pm in the Tipp City Campus Worship Center. 

To learn more about Next Step Recovery, contact Pastor Mike Martin at 937.667.1069, or email [email protected]. Explore the buttons to the right for additional recovery resources. You can also follow us on Facebook!

Act justly with those in need. Give mercy to those who need one more chance. Walk humbly with others realizing we are all in recovery from something (Micah 6:8-10).

Recovery is spiritual, and unless we have a serious change in our spiritual nature, recovery is next to impossible. Recovery is not about stopping old behaviors, but rather starting new ones. Join us as we undergo a spiritual transformation from our old ways of existing to a new way of living. Be part of our Next Step family. 

Join us for any of our Recovery and Support Meetings. Click on title for more information.

Last Sunday of the Month

Ft. McKinley Bondage Breakers Recovery Worship Celebration – 5pm


AA – 8pm – South Campus ARK, Lower level


Christian 12-step – 6:30pm - South Campus ARK

Bondage Breakers (AA) – 6:30pm – Ft. McKinley Campus 201

Putting on God’s Armor: Class for sexually abused women – 6:30pm – South Campus Discipleship Center


GriefShare – 6:30pm – South Campus Discipleship Center, Lower level 105 - Class starting (13 weeks) January 18, 2017

Men’s Sexual Addiction Group – 6:30pm – South Campus ARK, Lower level

Next Step Mid-Week Gathering – 6:30–8pm – open house style fellowship – South Campus Discipleship Center 200


Breaking Free Depression Support Group – 6:30pm  Discipleship Center, Lower level 105

Divorce Care for Adults  – call the church (937.667.1069) for start dates. 

Divorce Care for Kids  – call the church (937.667.1069) for start dates.

Men’s Sexual Addiction Group – 6:30pm – South Campus ARK, Lower level

Women’s Support Network (for women whose husbands has been unfaithful) 6:30pm – South Campus Discipleship Center, Lower level

Parents who are Estranged from a Child or Loved one - 6:30 pm - South Campus Discipleship Center, Main Level 200


Next Step Life Group – 5pm – Avenue Studio

Next Step Recovery and Worship Celebration – 6:30pm – Tipp City Campus Worship Center

AA – 9pm – South Campus ARK – open meeting

  • The Tipp City Campus and Avenue are located at 6759 S. County Rd. 25A, Tipp City
  • The Discipleship Center and ARK are located on Ginghamsburg Church's South Campus, one mile south of the Tipp City Campus at 7695 S. County Rd 25A, Tipp City
  • Fort McKinley Campus is located at 3721 W. Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton