Our Partnership with Families

Grandparents' Day is always a favorite!

Our mission, "Partnering with parents in connecting children to Jesus Christ," comprises all manner of communication and cooperation to accomplish our partnership with you. It is vital for us to be the catalyst to stimulate your child to become a great student and a disciple of Christ.

Depending upon the age of your child, we communicate daily through email, information sheets, daily activity sheets or face to face. Twice during the school year, we perform assessments to determine your child’s progress toward developmental milestones. We offer Parent/Teacher conferences at this time to share our findings and answer questions about achievements and concerns. Together, we can address a plan to maximize your child’s early childhood educational experience with us.

We welcome you to our Church Family Events. These are planned throughout the year and include everything from concerts to fireworks and afford everyone the opportunity to connect with other families. Activities specifically for our Center families are also scheduled. It is our wish that you become part of our community to further enhance your experience with us.