Online Daily Devotionals

For the past several years, Ginghamsburg Church has produced the Transformational Journal (The TJ) as a tool to grow our church family in God's word. In 2013, Ginghamsburg will sharpen its discipleship focus and better equip individuals exactly where they are on their spiritual journey. Although, Ginghamsburg will no longer produce a weekly TJ, these new devotionals offer a range of reading plans tailored to where you are in your faith walk.

Great for those people who are just starting out in the devotional process, has mobile options including texts as well as recorded phone calls.

A Methodist devotional for those who may have been doing devotionals for some time and are ready to take it to the next level.

A perfect devotional for someone who is a deep thinker and enjoys intellectual ideas.

This simple reflection is a good reminder of how to act in our call. This quick read also includes an audio version for those on the go.

Our daily bread has been around since 1956 and is a traditional devotional. Also available in itunes or downloadble MP3.

Rick Warren’s daily devotional. A great starting point for someone who is looking for application as well as clear messages.

A great starting place for women who are just beginning their discipline of being in the word on a daily basis.

A deeper devotional with scripture and commentary.

A great video Bible study that can be done in a group or on your own.

With over 300 different reading plans has the perfect plan for you. From short to long this is designed to get you in the word.

Sermon Questions

For the week starting January 25, 2015

Growing Intimacy in a Sexually-Charged Culture Part 2

Song of Solomon is a book that will most certainly make you blush, but at the same time it is hailed as one of the most romantic pieces of ancient literature.  This week we explore the story it shares of a young couple falling in love and growing in intimacy with one another.  Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View here.
Day 1: Read Song of Solomon 1:1-8
What does this passage have to say to us about our attraction for one another?
Day 2: Read Song of Solomon 1:9-2:7
What does this passage have to say about valuing one another and the role that plays in intimacy?
Day 3: Read Song of Solomon 2:8-3:11
What does this passage have to teach us about intimacy and getting to know one another?
Day 4: Read Song of Solomon 4:1-5:1
This passage is describing the couple’s wedding night. What does this passage have to say about true intimacy and the payoff for guarding it until the time is right? Is this something that translates even after you are married? Explain.
Day 5: Read Song of Solomon 5:2-6:13
What does this passage have to say about conflict and intimacy?
Day 6: Read Song of Solomon 7:1-8:4
What does this passage have to say about the role of romance for growing in intimacy?
Day 7: Read Song of Solomon 8:5-14
What does this passage have to teach us about the relationship among
intimacy and trust and loyalty?