Online Daily Devotionals

To stay connected with Jesus, the Living Word, be sure to spend time in the scriptures daily. These tools will help you explore the word of God and listen for God's voice. The first tool includes the weekly study scriptures and questions that support each week's sermon on the Tipp City Campus.

Sermon Questions

For the week starting June 24, 2018

Jesus had a lot to say about a new world order - actually the original world order - and much of it feels rather unsettling to our comfortable Christianity. Join us for six weeks of deep dive into the powerful, countercultural, upside-down KINGDOM OF GOD...guaranteed to rock your world.

"Your Kingdom Come"

MONDAY: Matthew 13:24-26; Matthew 13:44; Luke 13:20
What do you think of when you think of the kingdom of God? How does Jesus describe it?

TUESDAY: Psalm 143:5
What times in your life do you consider your glory days? What made those days special?

WEDNESDAY: Acts 2:36-38
The Greek word of repentance is “metanoia,” meaning to change one’s mind, to literally live a different way. How does that change your perception of repentance? How can repentance change your life, and in what areas do you need to repent?

THURSDAY: Acts 2:39-41
What words stand out to you in these verses? What does this mean for your life?

FRIDAY: Matthew 6:33
Jesus says to knock and the door will be opened to you. Who do you know that needs to hear that message? How can you tell them?

SATURDAY: Numbers 11:4-15
Like Moses, when have you struggled with being tired of doing right? How have you responded to that urge?

SUNDAY: Matthew 6:10
What would living out this verse look like in your life? How would it change the lives of others? 

To help each of us connect with God during the 40 days of Lent, our discipleship servant team created a journal with readings, prayers and space for writing and coloring. If you want to take the experience to the next level, get a few friends together and go through the journal or share within your life group using the questions provided.

Great for those people who are just starting out in the devotional process, has mobile options including texts as well as recorded phone calls.

A Methodist devotional for those who may have been doing devotionals for some time and are ready to take it to the next level.

A perfect devotional for someone who is a deep thinker and enjoys intellectual ideas.

This simple reflection is a good reminder of how to act in our call. This quick read also includes an audio version for those on the go.

Our daily bread has been around since 1956 and is a traditional devotional. Also available in itunes or downloadble MP3.

Rick Warren’s daily devotional. A great starting point for someone who is looking for application as well as clear messages.

A great starting place for women who are just beginning their discipline of being in the word on a daily basis.

A deeper devotional with scripture and commentary.

A great video Bible study that can be done in a group or on your own.

With over 300 different reading plans has the perfect plan for you. From short to long this is designed to get you in the word.