At The Movies: Unbroken

At The Movies

April 12, 2015

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Mike Slaughter

Life as we know it comes with no guarantees. Sometimes it's as though the harder we try the worse things seem to get. We must choose to give up and quit or to press forward into a greater purpose. To move from victim to victor... but first - forgiveness.
Join us for a new series this weekend as Pastor Mike brings home the challenge and triumph of one man's journey - sure to push your faith forward into stronger places of purpose and freedom.

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Today's Focus

Matthew 6:14-15 / Mike Slaughter / April 11-12, 2015      

Sermon Questions

At the Movies: Unbroken

“You’ve got to take it until you make it” became the unlikely mantra of Louis Zamperini while he suffered incredible torture as a prisoner of war. His years of detainment could have lead Zamperini to be filled with bitterness and rage, but after giving his life to Jesus Christ, Zamperini lived a life of forgiveness. This week we will work with the Holy Spirit to scrape the residue of unforgiveness from our hearts and out of our lives.  Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View here.   
Day 1: Read Luke 23:32-34
Jesus gives us the ultimate example of forgiveness. What did Jesus say while hanging on the cross? Whom was Jesus talking to when he made this statement? What does this mean for you? 
Day 2: Luke 7:36-50
To forgive others, we must first understand our own need for forgiveness. How does Jesus use the actions of the “sinful woman” and Jesus’ response to teach Simon about acceptance and forgiveness?
Day 3: Read Matthew 6:5-15 
Whom have you hurt or harmed by your actions or words? Who has harmed or hurt you with his or her actions or words? What does Jesus tell us about forgiveness in verses 14-15? 
Day 4: Read Matthew 18:21-35 
What question did Peter ask Jesus? What was Jesus’ answer? Are you challenged by Jesus’ response? Why or why not? 
Day 5: Read Romans 12:9-21
How do you respond to the people that harm or hurt you? What does it mean to bless those that hurt you? What behaviors do you need to stop or start as you respond to those who have harmed you? 
Day 6: Read Luke 6:37-42   
What is Jesus warning against here in Luke? Have you ever been caught up in pointing out the faults and failures of others? What “plank” or “planks” do you need to remove from your life? 
Day 7: Read Colossians 3:12-17
Paul was writing to a group of Jesus followers. Why is it important for people who have faith in Jesus to forgive one another? What happens if they do? Is there a Jesus follower that God is asking you to forgive? 

Sermon Transcript

Matthew 6:14-15 / Mike Slaughter / April 11-12, 2015      

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