Core Strengths: Love As Jesus Loved

Core Strengths

June 28, 2015

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Mike Slaughter

God is LOVE... engagement or indifference? Some phrases have been turned so often, they leave us nearly numb. But what if "God is LOVE" was a central truth around which the universe evolved? Could you live in full confidence of that LOVE? And what might happen if we began to return that LOVE to God - and to others - just as Jesus did?

Let's gather with open hearts this weekend for the second message of Mike's early summer series - and be challenged to discover the power and possibilities of God's incredible LOVE. 

CORE STRENGTHS: love as Jesus loved.

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Today's Focus

I John 3:14-18, 23 

Sermon Questions

Love as He Loved

According to 1 John, Jesus followers are children of God; we are the embodiment of his love. Therefore, we are called to demonstrate this familial connection through sacrificial love. Let’s study how to “love as he loved” this week as a core strength.  Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View here.
Day 1: 1 John 3:1-2
Describe a father’s love for his children. How have you experienced this? How is God’s love more assured than an earthly father’s? Express thanks to God for the ways you’ve felt his love directly or through Jesus followers.
Day 2: Read 1 John 3:3-10
How does hope in him purify while sin defiles? Describe how you loved someone you’ve never met. How were you able to love and know that person despite not having met? How can God’s seed be nurtured?
Day 3: Read 1 John 3:11-15
Just like with Cain and Abel, why does the world hate you? Why does a person’s righteous actions ##### the soul of an unrighteous person? How have we passed from death to life? When considering eternal life, how does the act of hate lead to murder?
Day 4: Read 1 John 3:16-24
Christ laid down his life for us; how can we lay down our lives for other believers? Is it only about material possessions? In what other ways can we give? What restrains you from sacrificial giving? How can verses 20-22 set our hearts at rest no matter our circumstances?
Day 5: Read 1 John 4:1-3
Is testing the spirits the same as testing God? Why? What other words might be used instead of spirit in these verses? How do these verses exemplify the idea “don’t believe everything you hear”? How is understanding this so important for a follower of Jesus?
Day 6: Read 1 John 4:4-12
Describe changes in the worldly idea of love throughout time and cultures. Describe the world’s view of love versus God’s definition of love. How is one definition backed by the spirit of truth and one by falsehood? As a child of God, do you have a greater capacity to love? Why?
Day 7: Read 1 John 4:13-21
How do you acknowledge the gift of the Holy Spirit in your life? Why is being like Jesus in this world essential? Is there room for apathy in verse 21? In what ways might you excuse apathetic behavior; because while you aren’t loving, at least you aren’t hating?

Sermon Transcript

I John 3:14-18, 23 

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