Core Strengths: Do Love

Core Strengths

July 05, 2015

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Mike Slaughter

Have you ever wondered what the wind looks like? The wind is a powerful force we feel on our skin, and we know the great effect it has when we see the trees bowing under its breath. But no one has actually seen the wind.
Have you ever wondered what God looks like? No one has ever seen God, but just like the wind the world is filled with evidences of him, great and small. If God is love, then the question we're really asking is what does love look like? Sound like? Feel like? 
Join Pastor Mike and special guest Noel Garrett this week as we dig further into I John to learn how to love and live as the evidence of God in the world. 

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Today's Focus

I John 4:7-21 

Sermon Questions

Do Love

Our call to “walk as he walked” and “love as he loved” can only stem from an affirming belief in Jesus. In every turn of life, in every circumstance we face, the bottom line is written for us in John’s three letters. Let’s study them and affirm our faith this week.  Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View here.
Day 1: Read 2 John 1
What do you imagine is the purpose of this letter? What situation stated requires discernment? Why would boundaries in hospitality be important during this time in church history? Where might you need to establish boundaries to effectively walk in love?
Day 2: Read 3 John 1
John is happy to hear about consistency in the believers’ walks; how are you accountable to others for your walk? Describe how Diotrephes’ actions reveal a lack of faith. Whom does Diotrephes love and affirm? In truth, whom do you love and affirm first?
Day 3: Read 1 John 5:1-5
What is John’s definition of love? How can God’s commands be kept? What is the one thing required to overcome the world? Do you feel burdened by Jesus’ commands? How and why? What actions can you take to relieve your burdens?
Day 4: Read 1 John 5:6-12
Recall situations in which Jesus “came by water and blood.” Who are the three in agreement who testify? How can the Trinity be important in affirming your faith? Why is God’s testimony more important than ours? Do you recall when God testified and affirmed Jesus?
Day 5: Read 1 John 5:13-15
How often do you think about having eternal life? Do you value it? When and how do you share this valuable knowledge with others? Why can we be confident in prayer? What does it mean to ask “according to his will”? How often do you pray confidently in his will?
Day 6: Read 1 John 5:16-20
What might your habitual sins be? What sin leads to death? How should we pray for those experiencing unbelief so that they might have eternal life? Do you acknowledge and pray about the world being under the control of the evil one? Do you trust God to keep you safe?
Day 7: Read 1 John 5:21
Why do you think idols are mentioned at the end of this letter? What idols do we uphold in our culture? How do idols prevent the ability to affirm faith in Jesus? Can idols be a sin that leads to death? When considering your life and habits, are there idols that need to be eliminated?
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Sermon Transcript

 I John 4:7-21 / Mike Slaughter / July 4 & 5, 2015     

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