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November 22, 2015

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Mike Slaughter

Jesus cautioned repeatedly about money and treasures, but it could be entirely possible to miss his point. We work at building bigger, better and more only to find our lives drained, empty and meaningless. Still today Jesus invites men and women to a shift in perspective that will ultimately free us from the worries of wealth. Come together this weekend as Pastor Mike shares a message of challenge and commitment - 

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Today's Focus

“Life Investments”
Luke 12:13-34
I. The Affliction of the Affluent
II.      The End Result
III.    Counter Culture Value
         A.  rich toward God
         B.  give as the Lord has given to you ~ Luke 6:38 ~ the law of release
               Fully Surrendered
                    Percentage Giving
                         Intentional Giving
                              Occasional Giving
                                   Initial Giving

See this week’s REFOCUS questions for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions


Questions to go Deeper


Monday: Read Luke 12:13-21
Jesus named that many of us suffer from “the affliction of the affluent.” In what ways have bigger, better and more crept into your life? Is there a part of your lifestyle (clothing, cars, home, entertainment costs, etc.) that Jesus is encouraging you to downsize? Explain.
Tuesday: Review Luke 12:13-21
The rich man parable was called “a fool” - largely because his lifelong choices kept him from what mattered most. What/who matters most to you? How are your choices building your spiritual – vs. financial – portfolio?
Wednesday: Read Luke 12:22-26
Sometimes, like the rich man, we worry about running out of money but forget we are also running out of time. What is one way you could better use your time more towards investment in God’s purpose? Ask God to remind you each day how important it is to make wise use of the gift of your time.
Thursday: Read Luke 6:32-38
God has established a law of release - “Give and it will be given to you…”Are you aware of this law at work in your life? What is one extra way you might release resources for God’s use this year? How might your faith need to grow in order to let go?
Friday: Read Luke 12:22-34
Jesus modeled a counter-cultural lifestyle and assured us that it’s okay to be different. How does your financial lifestyle mimic the world’s ways? What are some ways you’ve dared to be different? Ask God for courage to step out in faith more fully.
Saturday: Proverbs 14:23
When we spend more than we make, debt is the result- and habits die hard. Take some time to journal/describe how you’ve handled over-spending this far as an adult. How might you take a new step in order to right-size your lifestyle? What do you need to trust God for that you formerly tried to solve with money?
Sunday: Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-9
There’s a generous exchange here going on between God and each of us. How has your heart been changed towards generosity in the past year?  How has God been generous to you and your family? Before leaving this message series, take some time to journal about what you are offering up to God.

Sermon Transcript

Luke 12:13-34

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