Down To Earth:  Shine Like Stars

Down To Earth

December 27, 2015

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Jon Morgan

The  message of Christmas is  clear: the people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light. The Light invades us, warms us – and changes us. Hope fills our hearts and begins to reflect out into the world, not for our sake but for HIS name’s sake. Christmas calls us to come full circle in faith. Join us this weekend in worship as we bask in the afterglow of the miracle of Christmas…


DOWN TO EARTH: Shine Like Stars

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Today's Focus

“Shine Like Stars”

Philippians 2:14-16

Sermon Questions


Questions to go Deeper


When the Christmas season comes to an end, the decorations come down and the lights are stored away for another year. Even though the lights are put away, followers of Jesus are committed to continue to shine HIS light with the world. Shine On! This week’s scriptures refocus our attention on what it means to carry the Jesus’ light. Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View here.
MONDAY: John 1:1-14 
Who is the light? Why did the light come? Looking over the last few days where did you experience Jesus’ light? What about darkness (or less light)?
TUESDAY: Luke 2:22-40 
Jesus’ parents took him to the temple to be consecrated. Whom did they encounter at the temple? How do they respond to the baby? What is your response to Jesus?
WEDNESDAY: Matthew 2:1-12 
Three magi were guided by the star’s light to baby Jesus. What happened? Whom did they encounter during their journey? Has God ever warned you to not go where you planned to go? Did you listen to the warning? Why or why not?   
THURSDAY: Matthew 5:14-16  
We carry Jesus’ light with us and in us. What are we called to do with the light? How are you sharing your light? 
FRIDAY: Psalm 119:105-119
Happy New Year! What is God’s word? How is it supposed to help us in our lives? Make a commitment to read the Bible every day in 2016. 
SATURDAY: Matthew 28:16-20
The disciples are unsure of themselves when Jesus gives them these instructions known as the Great Commission. What is Jesus asking his followers to do? Do you have confidence in your ability to do these things?  Why or why not? Which is most challenging? Ask God to give you the courage to share your faith/light with the world.   
SUNDAY: Philippians 2:1-15 
We are called to be a “down to earth” people. What did Jesus do for us? How is God asking you to follow Jesus’ example?    

Sermon Transcript

Philippians 2:14-16

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