Soul Craving:  What do you want?

Soul Craving

February 14, 2016

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Mike Slaughter

We all want to know our lives matter - and that we lived into the fullest potential possible. Throughout all the ups and downs however, it's easy for our priorities to become misaligned. Lent is a season that invites us to reexamine our strongest desires - and realign ourselves with Jesus' call to follow. Ultimately he asks just one powerful question to consider...
What do you want?
Soul Craving 

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Today's Focus

What Do You Want?
John 1:35-40
The Ascent of Self
“God, bless me”
Three Driving Forces:
1. Ambition
2. Approval
3. Appetite
Disillusionment Initiated by Crisis
“God, save me”
Realization and Discovery
“God, use me”
                   See this week’s Lenten Journal for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions

Lenten Journal

Refocus Questions: Week 1

What do you want?
 What do you naturally crave?
  What are the obstacles that most often keep
you from following Jesus?
What obstacles could you give up (fast from)
and/or what healthy practices
could you pick up over the next 40 days?
God Craving, a companion journal to our Soul Craving Lenten worship series, is available this weekend at all worship exits.
You are invited to take one for your own personal Lenten journey. Each Monday you'll reread the weekend message scripture story - with additional related scriptures throughout the rest of each week. Daily reflections will uncover layers of spiritual depth to consider. Best of all, each day space is provided for you to write out your own thoughts and prayers, processing your growing relationship with God. 

To download a copy of the journal go to…

Sermon Transcript

John 1:35-40

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