Soul Craving: To Be Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Soul Craving

February 28, 2016

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Chris Heckaman

Whether Jesus was healing a child, calling a friend out of the tomb or passing out baskets of bread - he always drew a crowd. There's just something magnetic about a force that feels far greater than your own. We're drawn to the extraordinary and it pulls us forward into what greater things God might do in our own lives.
This weekend in worship we welcome soon-to-be incoming Pastor Chris Heckaman - bringing a message about ordinary days, a hillside miracle and the call to a movement of God much greater than any one of us could alone experience. Don't miss this chance to get in on the grassroots level of miracles yet to come...
Soul Craving: To Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

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Today's Focus

Craving to Be Part of Something Bigger than Ourselves

John 6:1-13



Right Here – Right Now!



Better To-GAther



Ordinary Becomes ExtraOrdinary



See this week’s Lenten Journal for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions

God-Craving Lenten Journal

Refocus Questions: Week 3

~ for personal and/or group reflection
Name some of the resources (gifts) in your hand.
What needs do you see in the world around you?
 With God’s help, how might your seemingly ordinary
resources be used toward meeting those needs?
What do you need to do today to start making that happen?
God Craving, a companion journal to our Soul Craving Lenten worship series, is available this weekend at all building exits. You are invited to take one for your own personal Lenten journey.   Each Monday you'll reread the weekend message scripture story - with additional related scriptures throughout the rest of each week.  Daily reflections will uncover layers of spiritual depth to consider. Best of all, each day space is provided for you to write out your own thoughts and prayers, processing your growing relationship with God. 

To download a copy of the journal go to…




Sermon Transcript

John 6:1-13

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