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Let It Shine

November 27, 2016

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Chris Heckaman

The Christmas season is all about the lights - HIS light - reflected through each of us. Tragically, shame and pain threaten to shut us down. But here's the deal: you've got this one life - so don't hold back... 

Hide No More- LET IT SHINE

Advent Worship @ Ginghamsburg

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Today's Focus

“Hide No More”
Matthew 5:14-16

Light Wins...
Matthew 5:22, The lamp of the body is the eye...

Action Steps:

1. Fear Not

  • Romans 3:23
  • Matthew 1:20


2. Rename the Shame


3. Shine God’s Promise

  • Matthew 1:22, 21
  • Matthew 5:16 

Sermon Questions

The Christmas season is all about the lights – HIS light – reflected through each of us. Tragically, shame and pain threaten to shut us down.
But here’s the deal: you’ve got this one life – so don’t hold back...

Hide No More

MONDAY: Matthew 1:1-11
The light of the world comes to us through a long line of biblical characters. Who in Jesus’ family stands out to you? Why does the Light of the World come into the world in this way?

TUESDAY: Matthew 1:12-17
Mary and Joseph are chosen to be Jesus’ parents. Did your parents help you shine your light? Why or why not? Have you committed yourself to helping this next generation shine the light of Jesus in the world?

WEDNESDAY: Matthew 1:18-19
Joseph was surprised to hear about Mary’s pregnancy. How did Joseph respond? How do you respond when you are surprised by God?

THURSDAY: Matthew 1:20-23
God saves through a child. In what ways has God saved you? What hope do you have for God saving the world?

FRIDAY: Matthew 5:11-12
Jesus challenges you and me to rejoice even in the hardest of circumstances. What in your life are you struggling to call a blessing?

SATURDAY: Matthew 5:13
We are the salt of the earth! What does it mean to be salt? How are you retaining your saltiness?

SUNDAY: Matthew 5:14-15
Because Jesus is the Light of the World, we too are called to reflect that light. Do you struggle to let your light shine? How is God challenging you to shine your light? 

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Sermon Transcript

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