Let It Shine

December 24, 2016

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Mike Slaughter

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Today's Focus

ALL IS BRIGHT: Christmas Eve @ Ginghamsburg

Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
John 1:1-5



First Coming ~ Light comes into darkness



Second Coming ~ Jesus shows up for us personally

  • Matthew 27:22



Third Coming ~ Jesus returns as reigning Lord & King

  •  Acts 4:13




See this week’s REFOCUS questions for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions


Questions to go Deeper


In the darkest of times
The Light is still shining.
Each day is blanketed with the promise, “I am here.”


Daily devotionals that accompany each day's reading are also available on Facebook. They are created by a great Ginghamsburg unpaid servant team. You do not have to be a Facebook user to access them. View them here. When the page opens, click the date under NOTES (on the left hand side) to access the full document.

MONDAY: Luke 1:5-25
Zechariah was skeptical and doubted God’s ability to do miracles in his life. Ever doubt God’s power? What in your life seems beyond God’s reach?

TUESDAY: Luke 1:26-38
Mary received the surprise of a lifetime! What surprise has you fearing your future? Have you expressed your fears and concerns to God in prayer? What is God saying to you?

WEDNESDAY: Luke 1:39-44
Elizabeth celebrated with Mary. Whom have you celebrated with lately? Are there people in your life who need a little celebration? Write down the names of two people, and reach out to them celebrating and congratulating them for what God is doing in their lives.

THURSDAY: Luke 1:46-56
Mary sings a powerful song! What does she say? What does this mean concerning Jesus’ life, death and resurrection? Is this good news for you?

FRIDAY: Luke 1:57-66
God’s promises are fulfilled in God’s time. Have you ever had to wait for a promise from God? What did you learn in the waiting? Are you waiting now?

SATURDAY: Luke 1:67-80
Zechariah spoke a prophetic word of encouragement over his son. Has anyone ever spoken a word of encouragement over you? Have you spoken words of encouragement over others: friends, coworkers and/or family members?

SUNDAY: Luke 2:1-20
The Birth of Jesus. Who are the first to celebrate Jesus’ birth? What does this say about God? What does it say about whom we invite into a relationship with Jesus?





Read the Daily Reflection post at
When the page opens, click the date under NOTES (on the left hand side) to access the full document.

Sermon Transcript

Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
John 1:1-5

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