February 26, 2017

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Mike Slaughter

Most of us have experienced our fair share of the F word... FAILURE. But relationship failure? That hurts the worst. Join us this weekend in the Blues Café as Pastor Mike shares the hope of restoration: God writing a comeback story into your life. 


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Today's Focus

At Last

Judges 16:21-22


Failed Trust

  • Judges 16:4
  • Proverbs 24:16
  • Micah 7:8


The God of Comeback

  • Judges 16:22
  • Isaiah 61:3

* Your mess can become your message


Commit to Healing and Restoration

* Divine intervention + human initiative = miracles

  1. Repentance - Psalm 51, Judges 16:28
  2. Rebuilding trust - Philippians 3:12, I Corinthians 15:57
  3. Relationship priorities:
    • God Myself
    • Others




See this week’s REFOCUS questions for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions

Questions to go Deeper



Psalm 51
We are called to repentance – no rationalization or compromise.
Let Psalm 51 be your prayer this morning.

Psalm 32
Another Psalm of confession by King David.
What does this Psalm teach you about the character and nature of God?
Write a prayer of thankfulness as God’s dearly loved child.

Luke 23:24
We can be pulled into paralysis by our inadequacies and failures, or we can be brave and stand to fight another day.
How will you forgive your own bad decisions and move into God’s next steps for your life? How will you be brave?

Matthew 26:17-30
How has receiving communion brought you closer to your Savior?
How can you share Jesus’ sacrificial spirit with those you encounter today?

Matthew 26:31-35 & 69-75
Is your first inclination to see the best in others – or to discover their often-hidden faults?
How can your approach towards others more fully imitate the forgiving nature of Jesus towards us?

Luke 23:24
Is there someone in your past or present who has deeply hurt you?
Have you been able to open your heart towards forgiveness?
Are you aware of God’s great forgiveness of you?

Luke 23:43
Has your adult self learned to practice delayed gratification, so much so that you forget some things can be enjoyed TODAY?
What part of Jesus’ life might you experience more fully in the here and now – in this beautiful TODAY?


Beginning March 1, daily scriptures, readings and reflective questions will serve as a roadmap for your heart
through the upcoming season of Lent. Pick up your beautifully written and illustrated devotional/adult coloring book
that will mirror our Lenten worship series, SEVEN WORDS, in the bookstore for $5 each.


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Sermon Transcript

Judges 16:21-22

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