Ordinary Interrupted


December 03, 2017

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Rachel Billups

Do you have a problem that's too big for God? Even faith-filled people forget that we serve a God of POSSIBILITY. Join us this weekend for a most-wonderful-time-of-the-year worship celebration and a powerful reminder of what God can do.  

LOVE COLLISION: Ordinary Interrupted

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Today's Focus

LOVE COLLISION: Ordinary Interrupted

Luke 1:5-25



  • 1 Chronicles 23-24
  • Galatians 3:28











What do you want from me? - Jesus




See this week’s REFOCUS questions for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions



Do you have a problem that’s too big for God? Even faith-filled people forget that we serve a God of POSSIBILITY.


MONDAY: Luke 1:5-17
Like Zechariah and Elizabeth, have you ever had a “didn’t see that coming” moment? How did you handle it?

TUESDAY: Acts 9:1-18
Sometimes those “didn’t see that coming” moments seem to start out with challenges. How do you think Saul felt when he was suddenly blind? How did God work that out for Saul?

WEDNESDAY: Luke 1:18-21
Zechariah doubted that God could use him. Have you ever doubted your usefulness? Have you ever disqualified yourself, like Zechariah, because of fear and doubt?

THURSDAY: Genesis 3
Moses like Zechariah doubted his usefulness to God. Today name some specific doubts you have and talk to God about them.

FRIDAY: Isaiah 43:18-19
More than just our doubts, sometimes we hold on to our problems and cling to them rather than step out into God’s possibilities. What did this verse bring to mind for you? Challenge yourself to try to act on this verse today.

SATURDAY: Luke 1:19-24; Matthew 21:21
God used Zechariah in spite of Zechariah’s doubts. How has God been preparing to use you? Are you ready to be used?

SUNDAY: Hebrews 11
Just like every person in this chapter God is calling YOU to step out in faith. Those things you didn’t see coming may just be God possibilities beginning in your life. Today, take time to soak in the knowledge God is on a love collision with YOU.

Sermon Transcript

Luke 1:5-25

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