Which is easier?


February 18, 2018

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Chris Heckaman

Jesus knew the power of a great question. Questions point us to the heart of our struggle - the heart of what really matters. This weekend we begin a Lenten worship series, inviting us into a faith much wider than we ever thought possible...

THE BOOK OF MARK  - questions for the modern day skeptic 
Week 1: "Which Is Easier?"


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Today's Focus

Questions for the Modern Day Skeptic

“Which is easier?”
Mark 2:1-12


      The power of a good question




      Give your faith a try




      Forgiveness or healing?

  • Mark 11:24




Click here to download our 2018 Lenten Journal.

See this week’s REFOCUS questions for deeper reflection.

Sermon Questions


Jesus knew the power of a great question. Questions point us
to the heart of our struggle – the heart of what really matters.

THE BOOK OF MARK - questions for the modern day skeptic

As you read each day’s scriptures, think about these questions:

  • What did Jesus do and say?
  • What did the disciples/people do and say?
  • In light of these, what is God inviting me to do and say?


MONDAY: Mark 2:18-28

TUESDAY: Mark 3:1-19

WEDNESDAY: Mark 3:20-34

THURSDAY: Mark 4:1-20

FRIDAY: Mark 4:21-41

SATURDAY: Mark 5:1-20

SUNDAY: Today we encourage you to talk over what God has revealed to you this week through your Lenten journal and worship with a friend, spouse or life group.

Sermon Transcript

Mark 2:1-12

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