You are making a difference...

Since the first Christmas Miracle Offering in 2004, God has worked through the sacrificial giving of Ginghamsburg Church and partner schools, churches and businesses to change the world. Let’s take a glimpse at how God has deployed your $7.8 million investment …


  • 15,974 households fed via a sustainable agriculture program
  • 290 schools built or rehabbed plus 15 offices
  • 225 teachers trained
  • Nearly 35,000 cumulative students enrolled in schools over the course of the
  • 829 graduates from 3 Life Skills Centers
  • 2090 students served through 12 kindergartens
  • Provided 214 schools, representing 70,849 cumulative students, with schoolroom furniture, text books and/or sports material
  • 1570 special needs and orphaned children provided additional support
  • 15 boreholes rehabbed
  • 19 water yards implemented
  • 1438 latrines in internally displaced person camps
  • 5 institutional latrines for schools

Enjoy just this one video snapshot in time from a few years ago to revisit some of the differences that miracle offering investments have made possible in the Sudan.​


  • Constructed 2 primary health care units (PHCU) to serve 15,000 people each
  • Purchased two three-wheel cycle ambulances
  • Constructed 4 institutional latrines for the PHCU
  • Implemented 1 borehole for a PHCU
  • Trained 81 community health workers and traditional birth attendants
  • Provided training for 9 medical staff for the primary health care unit
  • Trained 10 county health officials on health department management skills
  • Implemented 5 boreholes to provide water for schools and surround communities
  • Constructed a block of 4 classrooms that is hosting 325 students
  • Constructed 13 hand-washing facilities for PHCUs and schools
  • Hygiene training for 5900 people
  • Implemented 350 household latrines
  • Implemented 9 boreholes to serve households
  • 3537 households received hygiene kits
  • 600 girls received comfort/sanitary kits


  • Purchased and deployed 30,000 treated and life-saving mosquito nets in Yei County
  • Providing additional nets and medication at clinics to the most vulnerable - expectant mothers and young children


  • 2 New Creation Counseling Center branches opened and sustained
  • GED Program at Fort McKinley expanded
  • Jobs for Life implemented and graduates employed
  • The Point Food Pantry equipped to provide more fresh foods for clients
  • Hot Sunday morning breakfast provided to Fort McKinley Campus neighbors
  • Emergency food supplies purchased for times of lean within the community
  • Joshua Recovery Ministries provided with financial resources to transform men’s lives
  • Clubhouse opened a new site in Trotwood and for two summers provided nutritious lunches to Clubhouse kids in the most vulnerable neighborhoods

…and much more.

NEW IN 2015!

Wars, conflict and persecution around the world have forced more people to flee and seek refuge elsewhere in recent years than has previously existed at any other time in recorded migration history. The U.N. reported in June that by the beginning of 2015 nearly 60 million people worldwide had been forcibly displaced. One in every 122 human beings is now either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum on Planet Earth. This year Ginghamsburg is partnering with United Methodist churches across the country to act sacrificially on behalf of refugees. Our chief storyteller Dan Bracken recently traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to bring back this story. 

God isn’t finished yet. Give generously this year to serve our sisters and brothers in Sudan and South Sudan, global refugees, as well as our neighbors in Miami and Montgomery counties. Give online to the 2015 Christmas Miracle Offering today, or bring your offering to worship on December 19/20 or Christmas Eve worship on any Ginghamsburg Campus. We don't yet know how God will work through the sacrificial gifts of the Ginghamsburg family this year to create miracles of multiplication, but we do know that the total received will be invested as noted in the chart below. Also, find a downloadable brochure at the bottom of this page for the 2015 miracle offering. What will God do in and through you this Advent season? 


  • The United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit humanitarian agency of The United Methodist Church. Since 1940, UMCOR's mission—providing relief in disaster areas, aiding refugees and confronting the challenge of world hunger and poverty—has helped to heal the hurts of humanity in nearly 100 countries. Visit UMCOR on the web at
  • New Path Ministries is the non-profit community outreach arm of Ginghamsburg Church. Learn more at
  • New Creation Counseling Center is the non-profit counseling center for Ginghamsburg Church. Learn more at
  • Clubhouse is Ginghamsburg's teen-led after-school tutoring and mentoring non-profit serving kids in "at risk" communities. Learn more at
  • Joshua Recovery Ministries provides a housing program and Christian counseling to men with addictions. Learn more at


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