Join us as we venture into the beautiful Appalachian region of steep wooded hills, narrow valleys and winding streams in a land of contradictions. Our three-day adventure promises to expand our relationship and vision with the Mill Creek United Methodist Church in the Cumberland Falls region of Kentucky.

We will do exterior construction work on a home for one of the church members. We will rebuild the roof, add a front porch and paint the entire exterior of the home. In addition to the work portion, we will enjoy the rich culture that has been preserved by families and churches through the generations.

Because entrepreneurship in this area often suffers due to geography, a limited workforce and the regional insularity, one of our short-term goals includes creating the Mill Creek Appalachian Community Fund. This fund will help connect local needs and visions with individuals, churches and organizations passionate about social change to the region.

Our pressing need is to build a team with a cross-section of interests, passions and talents that will help create a great partnership with Ginghamsburg and sustainable projects locally. Our three point agenda for this adventure includes:

Home repair and restoration with a focus on energy conservation and improving the quality of life through housing.
Research educational opportunities focused on children and youth with a high emphasis on reading initiatives.
Begin conversation based on economic development and opportunity through building markets and skills through local solutions and local products.

The most frequently asked questions about the weekend Appalachia Adventure

1. What is our mission?

 Our mission is to dream greater dreams for ourselves and for our partnership through new initiatives in education, housing and small business ventures.

2. What is the strategy?

  • We will upgrade the exterior of a trailer.
  • We will build on our relationship with the families of the Mill Creek United Methodist Church.
  • We will research the potential of our Mill Creek United Methodist Development Fund.

3. What might our daily schedule include?

  • Friday - Travel. 6 hours of work. Sessions.
  • Saturday - 8 hours of work. Sessions.
  • Sunday - Worship. 4 hours work. Travel.

4. What are the objectives?

  • We will live as a team with the core values of respect, responsibility and discipline.
  • We will live out our four scriptural principles that will impact will your life and thinking for eternity.

5. What about housing and meals?                                   

  • We are housed in a home owned by Ginghamsburg church member, Jim Taylor, in Honeybee, Kentucky.
  • There is an ample number of beds, a kitchen and a shower. 
  • Meals will be a combination of local restaurants, church members' hospitality and preparing our own meals.

6. How do we travel?

Church van.

7.  What about money?

  • $99 includes housing, transportation, t-shirt, supplies and meals.
  • Traveling meals are on your own.

8. What are the unique expectations of this adventure?

  • The nature of our adventure centers around the idea of “Going and Being.”  We discourage phones in the van and during our time together. Phone and Internet service is limited.
  • Bring a small travel bag (no suitcases) because of limited space in the church van.
  • Personal packing list includes: work clothes, church clothes, sheets and a pillow, toiletries, towels and work gloves.
  • We will discuss needed tools at our pre-trip meeting.

9.  What are the dates?

  • Friday, September 25  Depart from church parking lot at 5am
  • Sunday, September 27 Arrive late Sunday night

Email [email protected] for more information.