The Farm

We have embarked on a new adventure and invite you and your family to come along and dig in!

We have created the Farm and Nature Center here at Ginghamsburg! Our mission is to connect adults and children with God’s creation and cultivating growth in our faith, intergenerational relationships and an abundant harvest of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

We believe that introducing families to all aspects of nature instills life-long passion, respect and amazement for the world in which we live. We believe with our “Farm to Table” strategy, we will help to cultivate healthy families. We envision this area to be a place of rest, outdoor activities, hard work and turning dreams into reality.

Also . . . The Sprouts Garden Club

We are excited to announce our newest educational and service adventure at The Farm and Nature Center (located on Evanston Road). The Sprouts Garden Club (8-12 year olds) will learn about all aspects of the “Farm to Table” meals and what ingredients local chefs would like the Sprouts to grow at The Farm.  As a team, the Sprouts will design a plan for the upcoming growing season. In the spring they will plant, weed, water and care for their garden. Throughout the growing season, they will tend, harvest and sell their produce to local restaurants and Farmer’s Markets and make donations where needed.  Our purpose is to plant and nurture the seeds of leadership, discipleship and agriculture in the tender hearts of The Sprouts. Contact: [email protected]