Jamaica’s cultural offering to the world is far greater than its size might suggest. The Jamaica Work Project team will be immersed beyond the white sands, epic Blue mountains and tropical blooms into Hopewell. Hopewell is a settlement and fishing village in Hanover Parish located 15 kilometers west of Montego Bay. We will enjoy the Jamaican hospitality of our host family and live in a neighborhood alive with the sounds of children, roosters, swine, dogs and the daily bustle of the morning and evening commuters.

We have been a part of the Hopewell community for over 25 years and have built relationships meeting a variety of needs for the church, school and community. Our mission is to continue our belief that to “Go n Be” far surpasses what we might expect in a traditional mission experience. We will continue this legacy and continue to dream future initiatives for the community.

We begin our day walking a few hundred yards to the ocean where we begin with breakfast on the beach, optional swimming or fishing adventure and a time for teaching, journaling and reflection. Our work this fall will include construction projects at a local school, home repairs for local homeowners and a variety of opportunities with the children. We will also meet with the students who we currently support in their swine and chicken businesses as we pursue our next round of creating micro-businesses with the students.

No trip to Jamaica would be complete with participating in a church service, enjoying culinary delights, tropical fruits, Reggae music and relaxing on the beaches. Each day we create our agenda based on the needs of the host family and our mission to work hard, sleep hard, study hard and play hard.

Our simplified lifestyle arrangements include second floor lodging on cots, cold showers and a variety of meals ranging from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to amazing Jamaican cuisine. We build our foundation of adventure based on our formula of respect, responsibility and discipline as we live each day within the local neighborhood. The $399 cost includes housing, van rental, materials, t-shirt, breakfasts and lunches. Travel meals not included.

The 10 most frequently asked questions about the Jamaica Six-Day Adventure:

1. What is our mission?

We will dream greater dreams for ourselves and for our future partnerships.  Our team will create new initiatives in education, medicine and small business development.

2. What is the strategy?

  • Light construction and painting at a preschool and neighborhood home.
  • Create and implement vacation bible school type activities.
  • Meet with community members to explore options for micro-businesses, culinary, medical and educational pursuits.
  • Interview future teen businesses owners.

3. What might our daily schedule* include?

  • 4am Wake-up call for those who want to ocean fish.
  • 7am Breakfast on the beach and a time of reflection, bible study and teaching.
  • 9am Work begins - and shopping team will go to local markets for the day’s supplies.
  • 4pm Ocean swimming and rest.
  • 6pm Dinner and evening adventure
  • 9pm Evening teaching and processing.
  • 11pm Lights out.

* Please note that the schedule is on Jamaican time.

4. What are the objectives?

  • We will live as a team with the core values of respect, responsibility and discipline. Our work is to offer these gifts to one another and to all those we encounter along the way.
  • We will live out our four scriptural principles that will impact your life and thinking for eternity.

5. What about housing and meals?                                   

  • We are housed one block from the ocean in the Hopewell community.
  • Sleeping is on the second floor of our host family’s home.
  • We will sleep on cots. Showers are sometimes warm.
  • Meals will be provided by the host family. Some meals we will make and some we eat at local restaurants.

6. How do we travel?

  • Passports are necessary.
  • We will determine departure details based on whether we fly out of Dayton or Columbus.
  • We rent our own vehicle in Montego Bay.

7.  What about money?

  • $399 includes housing, van rental, materials, t-shirt, breakfasts and lunches.
  • Travel and dinner meals are on your own.
  • Our schedule includes a one-hour "tourist shopping experience" at a local market.

8. What are the unique expectations of this adventure?

  • Safety. Traveling alone is prohibited and evening walking in the community is limited. Each day we will spend time in our morning sessions discussing the travel, work and community involvement expectations.
  • Potential adventures: Sunday worship service and evening weekday worship service in Montego Bay. We will eat in extremely local, non-tourist restaurants. A Half-day tourist beach adventure and walking and cultural study of Montego Bay are also included. Spontaneous parties and celebrations are a regular happening with our Jamaican host family and friends.
  • There will be times that we travel as an entire team and times where small groups will be formed for a variety of activities. We do not offer the opportunity for you to create your own agenda.
  • Cell phones use ends at the airport. There is no Internet.

9.  What are the dates of the trip?

  • Thursday, October 8. Depart 5am - arrive Montego Bay early afternoon.
  • Monday, October 12. Arrive late evening.

10. How do I register?

  • For more information contact [email protected].
  • Registration and airfare deposit deadline. September 1.
  • Make checks out to Jamaica Adventure. Place envelopes in the offering or bring to church office.