New York City


Our New York City Women’s Adventure promises to let you see the real New York - the places where the tourists do not travel and the iconic places off the beaten path. You will experience the city as natives do, discovering yourself as you are immersed into the culture and clamor of a variety of neighborhoods each day. Amazing aromas, busy streets, art, architecture, corner delis and a hidden garden will create memorable moments of your stay.

Each day we will venture to the Lower East of Manhattan to work in a garden that covers a half city block, nestled between the Bowery, Chinatown and Soho. Our efforts will be to pioneer the Ohio Chapter of the New York City Garden Club in Bob’s Garden. This association of women will exist to celebrate the beauty of the God’s creation, to conserve the gifts of nature and to challenge future generations to build on this heritage. Our daily work will include basic gardening tasks, painting, small capital improvement projects and most importantly dreaming for future projects for the children and the adults of the neighborhood and nearby community center.

Beyond our work we will be immersed in cultural studies, bible studies and personal reflection sessions. The uniqueness of New York City and its diversity of cultures and people will make each moment something to remember.

We are housed in a historic church on the Upper West Side and work together to live a simplified lifestyle with no frills. We seek to live out our mission objective of working hard, studying hard, playing hard and sleeping hard. We rely on air mattresses, quick showers and a simplified lifestyle as we strive to live together as a mission team.

The ultimate goal of our adventure is to explore and better understand God’s calling on our lives, returning home refreshed and renewed and ready to impact our world in exciting ways. The $199 cost includes housing, van and subway travel, materials, t-shirt, breakfast and lunches. Traveling meals not included. 

The most frequently asked questions about the New York City Five-Day Adventure for Women:

1. What is our mission?

We will dream greater dreams for ourselves and for our future partnerships.

2. What is the strategy?

  • Work Hard by weeding, mulching, trimming, painting, organizing outdoor storage areas and basic gardening tasks in a community garden.
  • Study Hard by bible studies, cultural studies, life skills training and times of processing.
  • Play Hard as we explore the city with a "back door" mindset, meeting with, listening to and sharing daily life experiences alongside New Yorkers. We will visit the Upper West Side, Lower East Side, Chinatown and Midtown.
  • Sleep Hard by honoring "lights out" standards of the church. Sleep is always welcome after a hard day.

3. What might our daily schedule include?

  • 7am  Breakfast, quiet time, personal devotions.
  • 8am  Morning sessions that are biblical, cultural and personal.
  • 10am Work projects.
  • 3pm  Educational and cultural neighborhood immersion walks.
  • 5pm  Rest and regroup.
  • 6pm  Dinner and cultural, touristy and team building evening adventures.
  • 9pm  Evening session of processing, processing and more processing.
  • 11pm Lights out.

4. What are the objectives?

  • Live as a team with the core values of respect, responsibility and discipline. We will work to offer these gifts to one another and to all those we encounter along the way.
  • To live out our four scriptural principles that will impact your life and thinking for eternity.

5. What about housing and meals?                                   

  • St. Paul and St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in the Upper West Side. 
  • Food. We know cheap! We do meals on a budget and help guide you accordingly. We do not patronize chain restaurants– but instead rely on the diners, cafes and neighborhood grocery stores.

6. How do we travel?

  • We will travel by van from Ginghamsburg Church. Departure from the parking lot at 5am.
  • Subway and walking is how we get around in the city.

7.  What about money?

  • $199 includes housing, van expenses, subway travel, materials, t-shirt, breakfast and lunches.
  • Traveling meals and dinners are not included.
  • This is not a shopping trip but buying souvenirs and small items are encouraged.
  • If the schedule allows there could be an option for entertainment one evening.

8. What are the unique expectations of this adventure?

  • Safety. We spend adequate time in our sessions teaching and equipping our team with the best practices for safety in the city. We teach walking etiquette, subway etiquette and the importance of not ‘going alone’ in the city each day. Fanny packs, large purses and hand held purses are not permitted. Teams travel each day using a shared small backpack.
  • There will be times that we travel as an entire team and times when smaller teams will be formed for a variety of activities. We do not offer the opportunity for you to create your own agenda. This is not a shopping trip or seeing the sights experience.
  • The nature of our adventures is “Going and Being." We limit the use of cell phones and each day we will agree on when and how much we will use them. We discourage phones in the van because this is a great time to build our team, reflect and take a breath from our day-to-day busy schedule.

9.  What are the dates of the trip?

  • Thursday, September 17. Depart from the church at 5am - arrive New York City 5pm
  • Monday, September 21. Arrive in Tipp City at 8pm

For more information contact [email protected].