Tipp City Roller Mill

Roller Mill Project Workers Registration

“While some people dream by night, others dream by night” is part of the motivation of a team of committed Tipp City residents soon to embark on a seemingly monumental task. Through combining their talents, resources and connections they plan on repainting and restoring the Tipp Roller Mill, constructed in 1837, as part of the 175th Anniversary of Tipp City Celebration, to some of its original beauty.

Serving Work Schedule

  • Week One: Friday, September 4, 8am-8pm / Saturday, September 5, 8am-4pm / Sunday, September 6, 1-5pm / Monday, September 7 (Labor Day), 8am-5pm
  • Week Two: Friday, September 11, 8am-8pm / Saturday, September 12, 8am-5pm / Sunday, September 13, 1-5pm
  • Week Three: Saturday, September 19, 8am-5pm / Sunday, September 20, 1-5pm
  • Week Four: Saturday, September 26, 8am-5pm

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  • What is the Roller Mill Project? A community action volunteer project mobilizing community and area residents to scrape, stain and refurbish the exterior of the Tipp Roller Mill.
  • Where is the Tipp Roller Mill? It is located at the east end of Main Street (State Route 571) at the edge of Tipp City’s historic downtown district.
  • Why was the project created? The project was created to honor Tipp City’s 175th anniversary, and the ongoing community pride of Tipp City residents. The goal of this project is to bring together small teams of volunteers from churches, businesses, non-profits and local neighborhoods in a unique opportunity to rally together to give back to the community.
  • Who is leading this project? Project co-leaders are Mike Nygren and Matt Tarzinski, along with Keith Long, Pete Schinaman, Brenda Mahaney, Chuck Wray, Doug Powell and Nick Hoover.
  • How will the work be accomplished? Small teams, families, churches and business teams will commit to the scraping and staining of a 10’ x 20’ section of the Mill. Each team will set their own work schedule within the overall schedule. Skill and experience levels will determine what section teams paint
  • Can students participate? Yes! Age 15 and up can participate when accompanied by an adult. All participants will sign an insurance release form at the worksite.
  • What supplies will the Roller Mill Project team supply? Red stain, scaffolding, two-person 65’ lift, ladders, drop clothes, caulking and glazing.
  • What do I need to bring if I serve? You are asked to bring tools for their entire team, including; variety of paint scrapers, 3” and 4” quality latex paint brushes, small paint pails, paint pail hooks, wire brushes, rags, gloves, safety glasses and surgical mouth masks. Some teams may need to bring ladders based on their assignment.
  • Can individuals work without a team? Yes!
  • How do I schedule my team? Click here
  • Questions? Mike Nygren at [email protected]