Tipp City Roller Mill

Roller Mill Project Workers Registration

“While some people dream by night, others dream by night” is part of the motivation of a team of committed Tipp City residents soon to embark on a seemingly monumental task. Through combining their talents, resources and connections they plan on repainting and restoring the Tipp Roller Mill, constructed in 1837, as part of the 175th Anniversary of Tipp City Celebration, to some of its original beauty.

Serving Work Schedule

  • Week One: Friday, September 4, 8am-8pm / Saturday, September 5, 8am-4pm / Sunday, September 6, 1-5pm / Monday, September 7 (Labor Day), 8am-5pm
  • Week Two: Friday, September 11, 8am-8pm / Saturday, September 12, 8am-5pm / Sunday, September 13, 1-5pm
  • Week Three: Saturday, September 19, 8am-5pm / Sunday, September 20, 1-5pm
  • Week Four: Saturday, September 26, 8am-5pm

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