More Than Carpenters

More Than Carpenters provides basic home repairs and maintenance to qualified homeowners serving the elderly, single parents and the physically and financially challenged in our local communities. More Than Carpenters (MTC) is a network of skilled, semi-skilled and general labor servants that accept and schedule projects based on the availability of our servants and the skill levels required. MTC does not purchase the materials for any projects. The group simply provides the labor. If the homeowner is not financially able to purchase materials, other funding sources will need to be explored prior to scheduling a project. More Than Carpenters is not an emergency repair service nor a group that can accept projects with tight deadlines.


Request Help

If you need assistance or know someone who does, please complete and submit a Request For Services Form. Once your project is posted, it will be made available to our volunteers for selection. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any guarantee that it will get selected. We are a volunteer-based organization and allow volunteers to choose projects they feel they can complete given their time, resources, and skills.

Request for Services Form
Servant Registration Form


Ways to Serve on the More Than Carpenters Team:

GENERAL LABORERS who can paint, do yard work and provide basic labor on work sites.

SKILLED LABORERS such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and jacks of all trade.

HOMEOWNER ALLIES who can develop relationships with the homeowner and follow up after the project has been completed (no technical skills required).

GARDEN ALLIES who as part of MTC’s Gardens of Grace project will assist, as needed, homeowners with the container-growing of flowers and vegetables in the elevated growing boxes that MTC servants will be building. Email [email protected].


Other Support Opportunities:

As with all MTC servants these are volunteer positions. There are no set hours.

COMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA COORDINATOR: More Than Carpenters is seeking someone to support its ministry who has skills and experience with social media, creating digital and print publications, website design and maintenance, etc. Email [email protected].

RECORDS MANAGEMENT: More Than Carpenters is seeking someone with experience in using project management software programs and keeping digital records of projects, servants, resources, etc. updated. The ability to create both digital and hard copy forms will be helpful. Email [email protected].

OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE THE 937:  MTC currently has seven projects in the works throughout Miami and Montgomery Counties. If you would like to be kept informed, please email [email protected] and we will send notices with project details and scheduled work dates.

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