Life in the Real World...

The transition from college into what has been called “the real world” can be wild—new jobs, different cities, bills, serious relationships and even more serious break-ups. Then, there’s figuring out what to do with your life, and that whole marriage and having babies thing. All of this change can have us almost looking forward to our forty’s…key word being “almost.” 

During this season of change, it can be difficult to say connected to God and with what really matters. We need a group of people to journey through all of this with and here at Ginghamsburg Church we are really passionate about getting young adults plugged into intentional community groups—life groups. These groups center on a common passion and focus while moving deeper in our commitment to Jesus Christ. To help, we have opportunities to meet with other young adults. 

We consider young adults to be between ages 22-35.  For those of us who are out of high school and either in college or getting started with a career, we have a great ways to connect.

On Mother's Day Weekend, 46 children were baptized or dedicated at Ginghamsburg's Tipp City Campus. During the Easter Celebrations, the majority of the 60 baptisms and dedications were children from young families. In the coming weeks, an additional 30 or more children will be baptized from our Ginghamsburg Kids' Young Believers class. It is an exciting time for young families at Ginghamsburg. 

It is outstanding to see young families take on new and exciting roles at Ginghamsburg Church. Their passion and desire to lead is what will take our church and our faith to the next level. Director of Adult Discipleship Tony Miltenberger said, "We don't want to be a church that just supports our young families, we are a church that empowers them to lead." Ginghamsburg Church encourages all families to find their niche. Click on the Staff Contact button to get involved in what you love here at Ginghamsburg Church Tipp City Campus, Fort McKinley and The Point.