Bible in One Year

In 2023, the Ginghamsburg Church community is following the Bible in One Year reading plan. Anyone can download the Bible in One Year app and join the discussion in the comments below, or by joining and posting to the ginghamsburg facebook group. The following post is a reflection written by Ginghamsburg Church community member Lee Davis.

It’s Time For A Heart Check

Proverbs 6:20-29
Mark 12:28-44
Leviticus 13:1-59
Whenever I read the scripture I try to read it from the perspective that it is all about Jesus–because it is!
The Old Testament predicts Him, and the New Testament reveals Him.
More importantly,  Jesus wants us to not focus on the letter of the law, but on the heart of the law.
Jesus’ proclamation of the two greatest commandments, the warning against the teachers of the law and the example of the poor widow giving everything she had demonstrate that a loving, repentant and faithful heart is what Jesus really wants from us.
Jesus gave us so many examples of theses conditions of the heart that He values most.  The greatest lesson we can learn is this: If we allow our love for Christ and each other in spirit and in truth to rule our hearts, then all other laws and commandments will assume their proper place in our lives.
Have you done a heart check lately?  Where do you stand with your relationship to Jesus?  During this lenten season how are you preparing for Jesus’ resurrection weekend?