How To Be A Terrible Manipulator

How to be a Terrible Manipulator Pastor Mike Fitzpatrick // Ginghamsburg Church Are you familiar with the game RISK? Risk is a board game about world domination. Players deploy armies, conquer territories, and eliminate opponents, all through challenging other players to battles with a series of dice rolls, to

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Four Ways To Control Criticism

Four Ways to Control Criticism Dennis Miller, Senior Pastor | Ginghamsburg Church Growing up, I loved to play the game “Operation” by Milton Bradley. Do you remember playing this game? Surely countless medical careers have been launched because of it. The game featured Sam the patient, lying atop a

Committed to Racial Diversity in 2024

Committed To Racial Diversity in 2024 Dr. Dennis W. Miller, Senior Pastor, Ginghamsburg Church What makes Ginghamsburg Church so special and unique as we enter 2024? Why raise your kids here? One reason is we are committed to racial diversity within our congregation. As senior pastor, this

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Why Do We Celebrate The Past?

Why Do We Celebrate The Past? Dan Bracken, Ginghamsburg Communication Director Observing the past is a tricky exercise. If we're not careful, we can idolize it. Past hurts leave us paralyzed. Over-fixating on our mistakes, we play the "what if" game. We can't move on because we're scared to

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The Church As A Community Of Love

The Church As A Community Of Love Dan Bracken // Ginghamsburg Communication Director Since we're celebrating 160 years of ministry, I've been taking a deep dive into the Ginghamsburg historical archives. IF I were an actual historian, I probably would've known a few things already. For example, the 1946

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What Does A Church Communication Team Do?

What Does A Church Communication Team Do? Dan Bracken I recently gave a communication team update to the Ginghamsburg Church board. I perceived that it was helpful, so I thought I'd share the report with you, too. The Ginghamsburg Communication Team IS: Dan Bracken (Communication

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