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Why Do We Celebrate The Past?

Why Do We Celebrate The Past? Dan Bracken, Ginghamsburg Communication Director Observing the past is a tricky exercise. If we're not careful, we can idolize it. Past hurts leave us paralyzed. Over-fixating on our mistakes, we play the "what if" game. We can't move on because we're scared to experience the pain of repeat failure. Past success leaves us too comfortable. We know what works, so we gradually succumb to status-quo living. The adventure and thrill of risk gives way to, "we've never done it that way before." There's nothing more magnetic than a dusty trophy shelf. We all

August 21st, 2023|

The Church As A Community Of Love

The Church As A Community Of Love Dan Bracken // Ginghamsburg Communication Director Since we're celebrating 160 years of ministry, I've been taking a deep dive into the Ginghamsburg historical archives. IF I were an actual historian, I probably would've known a few things already. For example, the 1946 church merger of Evangelical and United Brethren denominations, making a new EUB (Evangelical United Brethren) denomination.  Having previously been United Brethren, Ginghamsburg became an EUB congregation the same day. Later, Ginghamsburg would acquire "GUM" as its uncannily sticky nickname parallel to becoming Ginghamsburg United Methodist at the merger of the EUB and

August 7th, 2023|

What Does A Church Communication Team Do?

What Does A Church Communication Team Do? Dan Bracken I recently gave a communication team update to the Ginghamsburg Church board. I perceived that it was helpful, so I thought I'd share the report with you, too. The Ginghamsburg Communication Team IS: Dan Bracken (Communication Director, Design Studio Creative Director, Marketing and Social Media) John Whirledge (Online Campus Director) Shannon Sellars (Digital Content Manager) Will Flora (Video Producer and Research & Development) and Lori Barnett (Data & Print specialist) The Ginghamsburg Design Studio is currently

April 20th, 2023|

What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With Jesus?

What does the easter bunny have to do with Jesus? Dan Bracken | Ginghamsburg Communication Director It's a fair question. I've asked it myself. In actuality, the Easter Bunny has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus. Zilch. Nadda. Zero. Sooooo... why does our church host a massive egg hunt every year?  Truth be told, the effort our church pours into the egg hunt rivals that of Easter itself. If you stuffed any number of eggs this year... well, IYKYK. Here's what motivates us to do an egg hunt each

April 3rd, 2023|

Three Ways To Prepare for Trouble On The Horizon

Bible in One Year In 2023, the Ginghamsburg Church community is following the Bible in One Year reading plan. Anyone can download the Bible in One Year app and join the discussion in the comments below, or by joining and posting to the ginghamsburg facebook group. The following post is a reflection written by Ginghamsburg Church community member Karimey Berbach. Three Ways To Prepare for Trouble On The Horizon Psalm 37:21-38:12 Psalm 37:21-38:12 is rich with core lessons, reminders, and affirmations that are weaved and threaded throughout the entire Bible: trust in God's provision, be patient for his

March 27th, 2023|
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