Bible in One Year

Week 2 – Ask. Seek. Knock.

Matthew 6:25-7:12
In 2023, the Ginghamsburg Church community is following the Bible in One Year reading plan. Anyone can download the Bible in One Year app and join the discussion in the comments below, or by joining the ginghamsburg facebook group and locating the Bible in One Year community chat. The following post is a reflection written by Ginghamsburg Church community member Becky Lawrence.

This is Jesus, telling it like it is. Simple and straightforward.

Jesus, calling us out for our smug self-righteousness.
Jesus, challenging us, inviting us into a deeper place of intimacy with Him, of relationship with those around us.

Don’t worry, Jesus says. I’ve got you.

Don’t point your finger at others in judgment. Judge yourself, your own heart. Do only what you would want done and said to you.

Ask. Seek. Find.

This ties into the Genesis 24 reading which recounts the story of Rebekah (for whom I am named):

Abraham is now old and Isaac, his beloved son, was of marriageable age. Abraham wants to see his son married to a believer in God rather than a idol worshipper. He sends his best servant back to his home town, charged with finding a wife. This woman would have to leave her home and family, traveling many miles to marry Isaac, sight unseen. Would there be such a person or would his long, arduous trip be in vain?

This wise servant ASKS God’s direction as he SEEKS the will of God. His prayer gives specific criteria: the right woman would give him a drink of water then voluntarily water his ten camels as well. Then he KNOCKS on the door by asking a young woman who has come to the well to get water, to give him a drink. She gives him water from the jar she has filled then waters his camels. This must be the one. He learns that Rebekah is a distant cousin to Isaac and that she was wiling to go and be married to him.

The specifics of his request were answered in every detail. God heard and answered.

Worry can be overcome by confidence that, as we ask and seek, we will receive and find: God will open doors as we step out in faith to knock on them.

How have you seen God answer past prayers?

How is God challenging you to let go of worry and embrace the new year, confident in the love and care of your Heavenly Father?

Do you find yourself worrying? How does worrying rob you? Remind yourself that you are a much loved child of our all powerful God !

Add your comments below.