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Expand Your Circle

“Love” is all about relationship and responsibility – to be loved and to love. At Ginghamsburg, you have the opportunity for both. Every life group you experience, event you enjoy, class you take – it’s all designed to expand your circle, so that together we can make our corner of the world a lot-bit better.

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Christianity isn’t a solo game, it’s a team sport. We need people – other human beings – to help us out. That’s where life groups come in. As part of a life group, there’s something that happens gathered around tables (real or electronic) that doesn’t happen while listening to the message on Sundays. Grow in community with others as you navigate life, study scripture and build healthy relationships with others as you balance your world view with how others experience the world.

Life groups


Saying yes to Jesus is one thing but living the Jesus life is entirely another. These classes are designed to help you overcome life’s challenges, one question at a time.

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We’re all in recovery from something. We do it one day at a time, and we do it together. This is where Jesus and recovery meet.

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We like to do stuff together. Check the calendar to explore upcoming ways to make a difference, have fun or learn something new.

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Ways to Serve

At Ginghamsburg we are known for our missional lifestyle. We want to invite you into this incredible life through serving. Whether you want to serve in the church, in your community or somewhere else in the world, we have an opportunity for you.