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In the Old and New Testament, we are taught to care for the least of the community: the widow, the orphan, the poor, the sick. We have a handful of ways and partners out in the community where hands and hearts are needed to help provide for those that need it most.



For the past year we’ve been partnering with Belle Haven Elementary in Montgomery County to help meet their ever-changing needs. Some of the things they need help with include tutoring, supporting school clubs and developing the school store. (Who doesn’t love a new notebook and pencil?!) Sound like fun? We thought so too! To register for these activities and more, click the button below.



When a family is in a crisis, sometimes it can be hard to get a meal to the table. That’s where we come in. Our meal train ministry is dedicated to helping out families in a midst of that crisis: a death in the family, an accident, a critical illness…by providing them with a meal when they need it most. Use the buttons below to either provide a home-cooked meal or a financial gift towards a meal. If you know of a family in crisis and would like for a pastor to contact them email

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New Path’s mission is to connect neighbors in Miami County to basic needs and offer programing to inspire them on their journey. Helpful hands are always needed to stock, share, store and fix at the food pantries, thrift stores, auto garage and medical ministry. If you are interested in learning more about New Path, including how to serve, please visit their website.

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In 2019 our Ginghamsburg family made a generous investment in Homefull’s mobile grocery project through our annual Christmas Miracle Offering. This new grocery on wheels means that families across the Dayton area living in communities known as food deserts will now have access to fresh and healthy food right where they live. If you would like information on how to serve at the mobile grocery in addition to many other wonderful serving opportunities visit Homefull’s website.



Clubhouse equips Christian teens to design and implement free afterschool faith-based programs for elementary children with limited opportunities. Adults are there to provide support and mentor teens as they build leadership skills while working with kids in underserved communities. If you are interested in serving with Clubhouse email Cheryl Bender.

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Are you part of Family Ministry?

Family Ministry will be participating in the Mum Festival Parade on Saturday, September 25. Practice the art of invitation by passing out goodies and invitations at the parade. Register now so we can provide plenty to share with the community.

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